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Football fans proud Poland is Euro 2012 host

Football fans proud Poland is Euro 2012 host One in two Poles watch football games, and nearly all football supporters (89%) are proud that the UEFA Euro 2012 is going to take place in Poland, according to a survey of PMR Research. Almost a half of football fans expect only an exit from the group.

54% of Poles watch football matches. Differences between male and female respondents come as no surprise – the percentage of men who watch football games is more than double the size of the percentage of women (75% vs. 35%). Poles who watch football are proud that Poland is hosting the Euro 2012 championship, as declared by 89% of respondents in a PMR Research survey.

The Polish team has no hope of a success greater than exit from the group, according to the forecasts of 46% of Polish football fans. Close to one in three supporters (29%) do not believe even in that. However, some respondents are optimistic – 12% believe that Poland will reach the quarter-finals, 6% that it will be in the semi-finals, 5% – in the finals, and some (albeit just 2%) that Poland will win Euro 2012.
  • Where are the Polish supporters planning to watch the games?
  • What other national teams will Poles support?
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