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Interviewer network

Interviewer network In June 2006, thanks to its countrywide interviewer network established in 2005, PMR Research successfully completed a research project consisting in face-to-face interviews with personnel of pharmaceutical companies operating throughout Poland. The project engaged coordinators and interviewers in Warsaw, Rzeszow, Lodz, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw. Once the research was completed, PMR Research called the surveyed respondents to gather their opinions on the work of the interviewers. Monitoring through telephone calls is part of PMR Research's standard procedures for verifying the quality of interviewers' work and for ensuring that the collected data is of the required quality.

The PMR Research interviewer network includes 25 coordinators and around 350 interviewers throughout Poland. Cooperation with our coordinators enables an effective and transparent undertaking of research in the larger and smaller towns and in rural areas across Poland. Our coordinators and interviewers have a great deal of experience in undertaking qualitative and quantitative research. To ensure a high quality of services and precision of results offered by us the work of our coordinators and interviewers is controlled on an ongoing basis and at the end of each stage of any given project we are undertaking. Back to List of News - PMR Research