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PMR Research has launched CATI studio

PMR Research has launched CATI studio In June 2006, PMR Research launched a new CATI studio (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). The studio is equipped with ten computer terminals fitted with professional software and internet access. In addition to CATI-based research, we are also well versed in organising internet surveys in which our pollsters assist participants in filling out online questionnaires, as well as other types of internet- and computer-based research.

In our telephone interviews we use the Survey System 9.0 Professional developed by Creative Research Systems specifically for this type of research. The application facilitates efficient interviewing as well as ongoing monitoring of the conducted research and the quality of the collected data. Furthermore, the system eliminates the stage of manual input of data from hardcopy questionnaires, thus shortening research time and reducing incidences of error.

PMR Research offers a full range of qualitative and quantitative research. For more on our offer click here. Back to List of News - PMR Research